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Overview of the best dutch menswear labels

24 March 2019 10 Comments

Even though the Netherlands are probably not recognized as a fashion capital, also here it’s possible to find some interesting labels. The…

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Best sports to practice in Amsterdam

23 March 2019 11 Comments

With one of the healthiest population in the world, Holland it offers many opportunities for practicing  a wide variety of sports. If…

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The ecological choices of Patagonia

18 March 2019 5 Comments

Everybody knows Patagonia, the   logo with mountains is internationally recognized as synonymous of quality outdoor apparel and extreme sports. If the company…

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Did you know?

New fibers to reduce the impact of fashion

17 March 2019 14 Comments

Which is the impact of the clothing industry on our environment? We live in an era of fast fashion in which production…

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Streetwear 4.0: A sustainable revolution

13 March 2019 6 Comments

The world of fashion is becoming faster and faster.  People often wear a certain dress for an occasion, for throwing away after…

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Design & Art

Though and artworks of Banksy

8 March 2019 4 Comments

If there is a name in street art that standing over anyone else, this is certainly Bansky. The English artist made artworks…

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Did you know?Streetwear

Why Instagram is successful for brands

5 March 2019 4 Comments

How Instagram changed fashion Back to the 90’ the fashion industry was synonymous of glossy magazine, top models and catwalk shows. Nowadays…