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Why Amsterdam is leading the sustainable fashion biz

25 April 2019 5 Comments

Once you are in Holland it’s impossible not to notice the care to the environment which both government and population it has….

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Dutch trap: best artists to follow in 2019

20 April 2019 6 Comments

Nowadays everywhere in the world you can listen to trap music. Money, women and expensive cars are rimed in every language, and…

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Design & Art

5 art-activists that warn you about climate change

10 April 2019 5 Comments

In the last decade we are facing human-induced calamities, living with the perspective of a starving future. People express the power of…

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The Best apps for a greener life

9 April 2019 10 Comments

We are bombarded every day with tips for a sustainable life, but, actually, it’s very hard to remember and put in practice…

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The most hyped sustainable bags on market

8 April 2019 3 Comments

If we think about sustainable bags may we have in mind something old-fashioned and not particularly attractive. However, we’ve discovered the opposite…

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Did you know?Streetwear

Recycled plastic garment: is this a solution?

5 April 2019 6 Comments

Research published in the Telegraph explains that plastic can takes from 20 to 600 years to degrade according to each specific composition….

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Design & ArtLifestyle

Must see on Netflix: Abstract

4 April 2019 11 Comments

If your passionate about design or you want just to upgrade your knowledge about the most famous illustrators, graphic designers and artists,…