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Get Your Green On: 5 Must-Have Sustainability Apps for Eco-Warriors

24 March 2023 0 Comments

As our society becomes more environmentally conscious, the development of sustainability apps has grown in popularity. These apps aim to promote sustainable…

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Did you know?Social Impact

10 European Fashion brands that support the Fight to Coronavirus

22 April 2020 8 Comments

A Pandemic that changed the world he global pandemic COVID’19 has left all of us in fear and melancholy. With thousands of…

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Who is the Italian trapper Tha.Supreme?

10 January 2020 6 Comments

Davide Mattei, real name of Tha Supreme was born in 2001 in the Roman Suburb. Is one of the most interesting talent…

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How to practice sustainable living?

13 July 2019 12 Comments

Modern lifestyle is the number one factor that pressures the Earth’s natural resources. In fact, it has contributed to different kinds of…

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Ways to be an eco-friendly traveler

6 July 2019 76 Comments

Tourism drives a strong economy, from employment opportunities to successful businesses. But it’s also good to note that traveling is a burden…

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Best reasons to party at the Awakenings festival

4 July 2019 8 Comments Go to Techno parties is always an exciting experience: join thousands of people and dancing all together it mixes tribal feelings…

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Design & Art

Looking for sustainable design

24 June 2019 4 Comments

Design objects have a positive reflection on our lives, indeed, through them we can simplify our daily activities, enrich our house or…

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Hip Hop Playlist of June 2019

12 June 2019 7 Comments

You getting crazy for hip hop music? Then June has reserved for you a great selection of new albums, released, in perfect…

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How to be a more ethical consumer

10 May 2019 12 Comments

Streetwear is a term that has been gaining a massive boost in popularity within the past few years. Basically, streetwear is more…

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World tour of the Ecological Eyeglasses

7 May 2019 3 Comments

What’s better than a cool pair of sunglasses to fight global warming? Useful and stylish in every season, sunglasses are perfect to give…