Get Your Green On: 5 Must-Have Sustainability Apps for Eco-Warriors

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As our society becomes more environmentally conscious, the development of sustainability apps has grown in popularity. These apps aim to promote sustainable practices and provide users with information and tools to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Here are five sustainability apps that you should check out:


Loop is a zero-waste shopping app that allows users to purchase household products in reusable and refillable packaging. Users can choose from a variety of products such as shampoo, laundry detergent, and toothpaste, and have them delivered in durable and reusable containers. Once the products are used up, users can send the empty containers back to Loop to be cleaned, sanitized, and refilled. Loop is a convenient and sustainable way to reduce single-use packaging waste.

Good On You

Good On You is an app that helps users make sustainable fashion choices. The app provides information on the sustainability practices of different fashion brands, allowing users to make informed purchasing decisions. Good On You also offers ethical and sustainable alternatives to popular brands, making it easy for users to find sustainable options.


Oroeco is an app that helps users track their carbon footprint and provides suggestions for reducing their impact. The app allows users to connect their accounts from various sources such as utility bills and credit cards, and calculates their carbon footprint based on their consumption. Oroeco also provides personalized suggestions for reducing carbon emissions, such as switching to renewable energy or reducing meat consumption.

Too Good To Go

Too Good To Go is an app that helps reduce food waste by connecting users with restaurants and cafes that have surplus food. The app allows users to purchase these surplus meals at a discounted price, reducing food waste and providing an affordable meal option. Too Good To Go also allows users to track their impact by showing the amount of food and carbon emissions saved through their purchases.


Ecosia is a search engine app that uses its profits to plant trees around the world. The app works like any other search engine, but with each search, Ecosia donates a portion of its ad revenue to tree-planting organizations. Ecosia also provides updates on the number of trees planted and allows users to track their personal impact.

In conclusion, sustainability apps can be a valuable tool for promoting sustainable practices and reducing our environmental impact. From reducing food waste to promoting sustainable fashion, these apps offer a range of solutions for living a more sustainable lifestyle. Consider downloading one of these apps to start making a difference today. Want to discover more sustainable apps? Check our previous post.

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