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How to practice sustainable living?

13 July 2019 12 Comments

Modern lifestyle is the number one factor that pressures the Earth’s natural resources. In fact, it has contributed to different kinds of…

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Design & Art

Looking for sustainable design

24 June 2019 4 Comments

Design objects have a positive reflection on our lives, indeed, through them we can simplify our daily activities, enrich our house or…

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How to be a more ethical consumer

10 May 2019 12 Comments

Streetwear is a term that has been gaining a massive boost in popularity within the past few years. Basically, streetwear is more…

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Did you know?Streetwear

Why Amsterdam is leading the sustainable fashion biz

25 April 2019 5 Comments

Once you are in Holland it’s impossible not to notice the care to the environment which both government and population it has….

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The most hyped sustainable bags on market

8 April 2019 3 Comments

If we think about sustainable bags may we have in mind something old-fashioned and not particularly attractive. However, we’ve discovered the opposite…

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Overview of the best dutch menswear labels

24 March 2019 10 Comments

Even though the Netherlands are probably not recognized as a fashion capital, also here it’s possible to find some interesting labels. The…

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Streetwear 4.0: A sustainable revolution

13 March 2019 6 Comments

The world of fashion is becoming faster and faster.  People often wear a certain dress for an occasion, for throwing away after…