World tour of the Ecological Eyeglasses

7 May 2019 By 3 Comments

What’s better than a cool pair of sunglasses to fight global warming? Useful and stylish in every season, sunglasses are perfect to give you a charming look even on a sleepy day. Many brands privilege recycled materials, others are more focused on keeping as few intermediaries as possible. Every country has its own representative of Brands, here I’ve collected some of the coolest I’ve found from all over the world.


Born in New York in 1990, MODO uses both biobased and recycled materials. A huge variety of models for every situation, Modo offers also optical solution. The brand identity was born and raised with the influence of three cities: New York, Milan, and Stockholm. As a result of that Modo it combines the progressive spirit of New York, Italian craftsmanship and Scandinavian minimalism with a successful result. Over materials and style, every purchase it also support a non profit eye care organization. Seva helps millions of Indian children to build a new life.

SOHO, New York City, NY


All SOLO are constructed using repurposed bamboo or recycled plastic which reduces the carbon footprint and minimize the harvesting.  Barely the 80% of blindness around the world is preventable, SOLO helps donating the 10% of profits to people that need eye exams and surgeries.

San Diego, CA


Parafina as the other brands take very seriously the environment, for the collections they use recycled plastic, hybrid bamboo, recycled aluminum, cork, recycled rubber and eco-silicon. If this is not enough, you should also consider that they devolve the 5% of every purchase to support children without access to education in Paraguay. 

Madrid, Spain

Panda Sunglasses

Born in 2012 trough a kickstarter project, Panda Sunglasses encloses all the elements that a modern conscious brand should have: a remarkable name, sustainable materials, ethical partners and charity’s devolution. They use Bamboo, Portuguese cork and recycled materials to create wonderful collections. 

Washington, USA

Karun World

Karun is a brand born with a purpose: fighting the deforestation in Patagonia. They first collect fishing nets and ropes with the help of local Fishermans. The second part is in Italy where are manufactured into quality glasses.

Puerto Varas, Región de Los Lagos, Chile
Patagonia, pic by Stefan Ulrich

Their concept helps the nature eliminating waste and giving work to small business in Patagonia, with a positive impact on the community over the environment. They also offer sustainable eyeglass accessories and prices are very interesting, not over 135€ for the European market.

Sticks and sparrow

Hand crafted frames and structures are made from sustainable materials that are carefully treated with tints, stains and polishes to bring out their natural beauty. the majority of the products is made with cork and bamboo, considered nowadays a responsible type of cultivation. They also offer the opportunity to try at home the sunglasses, an option that few merchants offer but that could make the difference with some clients. Unfortunately, this is available just for the Australian market, but I can image an expansion in the face of positive results.



Dolpi is the acronym of Dolomites and Alps, such evocative name needs to have a mindful behavior. The goal of the founder Virgilio Dal Pan is to valorize the mountain trough quality products realizes with respect. Dolpi has the PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) and their wood is certified and traceable. Furthermore, are also very light, the maximum weight is 24 grams. The choose to sell just on retail makes the brand more exclusive .

Rovereto TN, Italia

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